About Unity

Founded in 2014, Unity embarked on a mission to create a global impact. Initially developing tools to aid charities, we have dedicated all profits to philanthropic endeavors from the outset. Our vast pool of highly experienced developers enabled us to transition into creating an open financial system on the blockchain. This venture aims to democratize automated investment and wealth growth, transcending socio-economic barriers.

Over the years, our commitment to fostering a fair financial ecosystem while maintaining our charitable roots has remained unwavering. The journey that began with a noble cause has evolved into a holistic approach towards financial empowerment and altruism.

About Unity

Our Mission

Our focus is on ushering in the future of finance that prioritizes the average individual, ensuring the best financial tools and opportunities are accessible to everyone, not just a select few. Through blockchain technology, we are democratizing access to financial growth and security.

Our Clients

We've worked with many clients across the globe; from startups to companies such as Walmart, Apple, Cigna, and more. Our team specializes in the latest cutting-edge technologies. So whether you need us for an entire project or to contract a single developer, we're ready!

Our Projects


Dive into the Unity Ecosystem, a pioneering blockchain venture that automates investments and facilitates global multicurrency transactions for all. It’s not just a project; it’s a movement towards financial inclusivity.

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Discover Unity Wallet, your complete financial companion, ingeniously built atop our robust ecosystem that brings everything you need, together. It’s more than a wallet; it’s your financial powerhouse.

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Explore Unity Sites, a revolutionary web hosting solution empowering everyone to create stable, high-performance websites using distributed hosting technology. Bring your online presence, to life.

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Engage with Unity Pro, a holistic business suite integrating HR, Google services, and Chat all on top of our robust Ecosystem and Wallet to provide everything in one spot. It’s beyond a suite; it’s your business amplified.

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Our Services

With a rich legacy in software engineering, we at Unity bring extensive experience to both legacy and cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise spans across Linux, AWS, Apache, Nginx, SQL, NoSQL, PHP, Perl, Python, NodeJS, React, and much more. Our adeptness is not confined to these technologies alone; we are constantly evolving with the industry trends, mastering multiple frameworks, and exploring emerging technologies.

We excel in modern JavaScript development, offering seamless migrations, robust solutions, and innovative strategies to propel your business into the future. Our services are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of software development needs, ensuring we are a one-stop solution for all your tech-related endeavors.

Our Charity

Since our inception, Unity has epitomized a steadfast nonprofit ethos, channeling our acumen in crafting web solutions and tools primarily for other charitable entities. Beyond extending discounted services, our operational model is designed to ensure that every penny earned, post operational costs, is funneled towards philanthropic endeavors.

Unity Charity embodies a pioneering endowment-first philosophy. Initially, all funds are meticulously directed into a diversified portfolio of low-risk bonds, scrupulously vetted to eschew involvement in immoral industries and usuries, thus resonating with the shared moral compass of our multifaceted global partners. Our proprietary financial management system autonomously oversees these bonds, securing aggressive compounding and unparalleled returns within the industry. The monthly dividends are strategically allocated; a portion is reinvested to bolster future returns, while the remainder is channelled to partner charities aiding orphans, refugees, and the most vulnerable across the globe.

Our Charity

Engage with Unity Charity directly by donating or support us through utilizing our services and products, as the profits are directed to charity. Additionally, our revolutionary "Endowment-as-a-Service" is available to all charities. Discover more at the Unity Charity Site.

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